I’m not a sensitive person.

I spent four years of college in a room full of writers giving each other “notes” aka when you sit and listen to everyone tear your script apart. I have a high pain tolerance and once refused to go to the doctor, not knowing that my wrist was fractured. I’m, like, 90 percent sure I can right-hook my way out of a potential mugging because I take kickboxing once a week. (I do also have an unhealthy amount of empathy for inanimate objects and often cry when I see children taking care of their stuffed animals, but that’s not the point.)

That being said, men make me uncomfortable. (And I hate to give them credit for it)

I tend to avoid going on walks by myself with my arms and legs exposed because I’m scared or street harassment. I’m afraid to smile or take off my sunglasses because I don’t want to hear the sexist, unwarranted comments from strange men. I’m afraid of how some remarks and actions are being normalized, and are considered “not a big deal.” I’m afraid of that thing that’s happened multiple times, when I ignore a man’s “compliment” and he calls me a bitch for not saying thank you or wanting to drop to my knees and suck his dick. I’m afraid of even saying anything about this fear because people will tell me that this is just “boys being boys” or “locker room talk.” To that, I say a polite, “Fuck you.”

You’re telling me it’s just something that happens that we should accept because boys can’t be expected to control their penises.

You’re telling me that I should just “get over it.”

You’re telling your children that they’re being too goddamn sensitive if a man on the street wolf-whistles at them, or even lays a hand on them.

No one, especially men, should be able to make women feel powerless.

This is not about the “issues” in politics. It’s not about guns or the economy or taxes. This is about being a decent human being. This is about being good role models for young ones. This is about stopping this cycle of men making women feel uncomfortable, and people just accepting it as a part of daily life.

I’m sick of people brushing off this behavior as normal.

I’m sick of those who divert attention away from it, like it’s something we should just move on from because it’s not convenient to address.

And I’m fucking sick of thinking that I have to wear a sweater when it’s 90 degrees because I don’t want to be honked at by a goddamn douchebag in a fucking Dodge Charger.

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